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I Yoga Too!

posted May 8, 2012, 2:01 AM by Sae Min Lim   [ updated May 3, 2013, 3:07 AM ]

“I Yoga Too!”

Lets join together our body, mind and heart into one harmonious experience through Hatha Yoga with Tristen


Weekly basic course commence from 7:15pm – 8:15pm every Tuesday at I Dance Studio, Neo Damansara and Thursday at I Dance 2 (too!) at The Club @ Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama.


Gentle reminder, please bring along:

  • A set of yoga/workout attire (e.g. fitted t-shirt and long pants, preferably cotton-made)
  • A small towel
  • A yoga mat (if available)
  • A smile and a joyful mood


What is Yoga

The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated. We can think of the union occurring between the body, mind and heart. It is a practice that uses postures and breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve strength, and its health benefits may surpass those of any other activity.


The classical techniques of Yoga date back more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life, and heightened self-understanding gave birth to this system of physical and mental exercise which has since spread throughout the world. The word Yoga means “to join or yoke together” and it brings the body, mind and heart together into one harmonious experience.


The whole system of Yoga is built on three main structures: exercise, breathing and meditation. The exercises of Yoga are designed to purify the glandular systems of the body, thereby increasing its efficiency and total health. The body is looked upon as the primary instrument that enables us to work and evolve in the world, and so a Yoga practitioner treats it with great care and respect. Breathing techniques are based on the concept that breath is the source of life in the body. The Yoga practitioner gently increases breath control to improve the health and function of body, mind and heart. These two systems of exercise and breathing then prepare the body, mind and heart for meditation that allows silence and healing to happen for everyday stress.


Some benefits of the practice:


  • Generates sweat to detoxify body muscles and internal organs.
  • Improves blood circulation by reducing blood clogs.
  • Increases flexibility and lightness to a strong body.


  • Reduces negative thoughts by decreasing the fluctuation of mental patterns.
  • Attains a calm mind through regular practice.
  • Cultivates concentration and a focus way of thinking.



  • Clears out blockages from our heart.
  • Realigns mindfulness and tranquility into our true heart.
  • Empowers love and compassion towards own self and others.


About the facilitator, Tristen Churn

Tristen Churn became a yoga practitioner in 2001 and he has been delivering yoga classes to local and international students since 2007. With over 11 years of yoga experience, Tristen’s style of yoga combines Hatha yoga with an emphasis on inner awareness, physical alignment and mindfulness. His yoga repertoire ranges from therapeutic and gentle Hatha Yoga classes for beginners to advance and more challenging classes like Vinyasa, Astanga Yoga, Yogalates and Power Yoga. Each class is unique and taught differently, depending on the students’ body and the ‘flow’ of the moment.


His students come from all walks of life, ranging from students and young working professionals to chief executives, full-time mothers and retirees. His love, joy and passion for yoga can be experienced in his classes.


Currently, he is a yoga instructor in few centres ie. Lightworks (lightworks.com.my), Celebrity Fitness Centers, Philip Wain Fitness Centre, Faeries Moonshine, where he combines yoga philosophy with spiritual understanding in his classes. He also teaches private one-on-one sessions and classes in corporate companies, i.e. Sunway Group.


Apart from yoga, Tristen is involved in many other spiritual disciplines.  A keen meditator, he is also sought after for energy healing work, intuitive and card readings.  You can find out more about Tristen at http://tristenchurn.blogspot.com.


As a person, Tristen is warm, loving and compassionate. His classes are fun and inspiring with a focus on promoting inner awareness and balancing the body, mind and heart.


Testimonial on Yoga Coaching

“If you think yoga is for lady only and yoga is not a form of exercise, perhaps you should seriously consider paying one-time fee by joining Tristen for one session and you may realize that what you have perceived is different from what you may experience. The experience is much more better than any body massage. For me, body message only relax my body and it doesn’t relax my mind. Yoga is different – it relaxes my mind. Experience is worth more than a thousand words, please do yourself a favor.” 

~ Isaac Tho, Lawyer, Kuala Lumpur ~


~ For more information kindly call +, email letsyoga@idance-studio.com or visit www.idance-studio.com ~
~ I Dance Studio is located at F-5-02, Neo Damansara, No 1, Jalan PJU 8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ ~
~ Studio visit and lessons by appointment only ~
~ Details listed are subject to change when necessary, without notice. Date: 20120508 ~
Sae Min Lim,
May 8, 2012, 2:01 AM